Jul 102012

We woke up at 05:00 today and left the villa shortly afterwards to drive to the top of the Vall de Laguart, above the village of Benemaurell, to watch the sun rise. We arrived at a good vantage point, 650m up on the mountain, at 05:35 whilst it was still dark and were amazed at how many stars we could see, now there was no light pollution; Venus and Jupiter were very bright and positioned close together, one above the other right in line with the Orba valley.

Dawn above BenimaurellIt was after 06:00 before the sky started to lighten and the mountains loomed up all around us, cloaked in an eerie mist. As the panaorama before us unfolded, low-level cloud seemed to roll in from the sea and fill the Orba valley and as it advanced up the mountain towards us, we began to fear that it would eventually obscure our view of the sunrise.

Sunrise above BenimaurellAt about 06:30 however, we caught our first sight of the sun appearing out of the sea on the distant horizon and within less than a minute, it was fully visible. The next 10 minutes were breathtaking, as the sun rose higher in the sky and began to illuminate the clouds down in the valley below.

We made our way back down into the Orba valley, stopping off at the panaderia in the village of Campell, where we were probably the first customer of the day, to buy a freshly-baked loaf. By the time we returned to the villa, the sun had burnt off most of the early morning mist and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast on the terrace beneath a blue sky.

More photos of our early morning excursion can be viewed below and a slideshow set to music is posted here.